Our Story

Illusion Ryuvil: A company for fans created by fans


This company was created as a way to support Malaysia's Vtubers. Amid the epidemic, Malaysia started its own Vtuber company by the name of MyHoloTv with Liliana Vampaia as the first official company affiliated with Malaysian Vtuber. Currently, Malaysia's Vtuber community is far too small compared to those in other parts of the world. As Vtuber company only started half a year ago, Liliana Vampaia already gained the most attention than other Malaysian Vtuber with 21k subscribers in 6 months.


Our purpose is to expand Malaysia's newly created Vtuber entertainment industry to the whole world. We will give more exposure to the Vtubers in Malaysia, big or small, affiliated or independent, to the worldwide audience. We will also provide a service for unaffiliated/independent Vtuber to gain easier access to an environment they needed to stream. This will ensure the unaffiliated/independent Vtuber will have an easier way to provide better quality for their audience. 

We are starting as an official merchandising company, and we will continue to grow bigger to provide our Vtubers and their fans the best services possible.