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Projek Hikayat

Kurisu Kowa's 1 Year "Kuriversary" Digital Pack

Kurisu Kowa's 1 Year "Kuriversary" Digital Pack

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Kurisu Kowa's 1 Year "Kuriversary" Digital Pack is here!!

To celebrate her Kuriversary, Projek Hikayat, and Kurisu Kowa have prepared a special digital pack for all her Nianlings!

1. Good Morning Message (EN)
2. Good Morning Message (BM)
3. Ringtone (EN)
4. Ringtone (BM)
5. Thank You Message

Scenarios Tracklist:
6. POV Kurisu Sniffs You
7. POV Kurisu Confesses
8. POV Baking With Kuri

Included with 1 HD Wallpaper.
Art by: ZeroSketchbook 🐸🌙| DM FOR COMMS (@zikryzero) / Twitter

All tracks are in .mp3 format.

*Your download link will be sent through email after you complete your purchase. You will be receiving it in a .zip file format that must be extracted to gain the tracklist above.

Social Networks:
TikTok: Kurisu Kowa (@kurisukowa) | TikTok
Twitter: Kurisu Kowa 🐉🔔 Projek Hikayat (@kurisukowa) / Twitter
Twitch: KurisuKowa - Twitch
YouTube: Kurisu Kowa Ch. - YouTube

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