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Nova Aokami 10K Celebration Digital Pack

Nova Aokami 10K Celebration Digital Pack

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Nova Aokami 10K Celebration Digital Pack from VReverie is here!

To celebrate her achievement of gaining 10K Subs, VReverie and Nova have prepared a special digital voice pack for the fans out there!

- 1. Alarm
- 2. Ringtone
- 3. Bootup Sounds

Scenarios Tracklist:
- 1. Thank you for 10K
- 2. Let's Eat
- 3. After-Stream

Included with 1 HD Wallpaper.
Art by: 十厭厽 医¦霙海牛💉skeb募集中 (@forfex81) / Twitter

All tracks are in .wav format.

*Your download link will be sent through email after you complete your purchase. You will be receiving it in a .rar file format that must be extracted to gain the tracklist above.

Youtube: Nova Aokami Ch. [VReverie] - YouTube
Twitter: Nova Aokami❄🐉【VREVERIE】 (@NovaVReverie) / Twitter

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