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Ophelia Midnight Halloween-Themed Digital Pack

Ophelia Midnight Halloween-Themed Digital Pack

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Ophelia Midnight Halloween-Themed Digital Pack from VReverie is here!

To celebrate this spooky month and her 15k subs, VReverie and Ophelia have prepared a special digital voice pack for the fans out there!

- 1. Alarm 1: Ohayophie
- 2. Alarm 2: Evil Laugh
- 3. Alarm 3: Nursery Rhymes
- 4. Thank you for 15k

Scenarios Tracklist:
- 1. Spirit Feast
- 2. Spend Halloween With Me

Included Halloween Wallpaper of Ophelia Midnight.

All tracks are in .mp3 format.

*Your download link will be sent through email after you complete your purchase. You will be receiving it in a .rar file format that must be extracted to gain the tracklist above.

Social Networks:
Youtube: Ophelia Midnight Ch. [VReverie] - YouTube
Twitter: Ophelia Midnight Ch. [VReverie] - YouTube

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