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Utano Pandora

Utano Pandora Free Voice Pack 2022

Utano Pandora Free Voice Pack 2022

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Free Voice Pack from Utano Pandora!

A gift to all friendora, as thanks for supporting her during her subathon!

1. Short Alarm (0:14)
2. Goodnight (0:28)
3. Two Player Gaming Roleplay (1:55)
4. Mid Concert Roleplay (1:40)

Also includes a cover image. All tracks are wav format.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to receive the voice pack, you must first make an account with Illusion Ryuvil. Add the voice pack to the cart, and select checkout. Please do not select PayPal, as there will be a 0.01 verification charge (which will be refunded to you). You will receive an email after completing with download instructions.


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